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News from the Workplace

Brother Chris Caylor would like us to know about a situation in the Maintenance department. A Union Brother has been detailing as a foreman. This causes an opening on his shift that is being filled by drafting other Union Brothers. Brother Caylor has spoken with the Union Brother and advised him of the hardship this is placing on other Union members who are getting drafted. The guy says he intends to continue to detail anyway. In speaking with supervision about this situation, Brother Caylor has been informed that as long as the employee chooses to detail, he will be allowed to do so and the situation will not be resolved.


Brother Caylor had a meeting today 8-23-00 on greivance oo-23 step 1. At the onset of meeting Mr. John Gills infomed Brother Caylor and railroad specialist Randy Apodaca that they have pulled the Union Brother from detailing and put Mary Guitteriz in his spot. The Union Brother immediatly decided to bid into operations. Brother Caylor will keep us all posted on the answer to the greivance.