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Welcome to the Albemarle Webpage

Pace, Local 4-6000

Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical & Energy Workers International Union, AFL-CIO, Local 4-6000

P.o. Box 3327; 2107 Redbluff, Pasadena, Texas 77501


Your commitee members and Important Contacts

Rodney Parden, President

Paul Windsor,Vice President

Kayla Hoesel

Chris Caylor

Gary Chinnis

Jim Lefton, International Rep.

Debbie MacDonald, Secretary for the Local

PACE 4-6000, to contribute to the site



Current Events




news from the workplace




Benevolence commitee




Community Involvement

Brothers and sisters if you have enjoyed the labor related images you've seen on our local site here is a little more information about the artist responsible:

(c) Rini Templeton, The Art of Rini Templeton: where there is life and struggle, The Real Comet Press, Seattle WA, 1988.

In the spirit of Rini Templeton's life and work, activists serving causes that Rini supported are invited to use drawings in this book freely in their leaflets, newsletters, banners, and picket signs or for similar non-commercial purposes."

Be sure to visit the international site. There is much useful info as well as links to other locals.